Welcome to the home of the Liberty Cup!

In light of the recent instances of police violence against persons of color and subsequent unrest, I would invite you to consider donating what would have been your entry fee to organizations working to improve the judicial system and re-establish the trust between our nation’s citizens and the police.  My personal advocacy is for the Amistad Law Project, a Philadelphia based non-profit working tirelessly to break the cycle of the industrial prison complex.  You can learn more about them here at: https://amistadlaw.org

Sign up here for updates, announcements, and reminders – as well as for more information about face-to-face Diplomacy in Philadelphia!

Terradipping” (Terraforming Mars) tournament information to be posted shortly …


The 2021 Liberty Cup will be held August 6-8 in Philadelphia, PA, at the Doubletree by Hilton – Center City.

The Liberty Cup is a Diplomacy Tournament sponsored by the Philadelphia Diplomacy Club.

The Philadelphia Diplomacy Club is proud to have hosted DIPCON 2015 and continues to be a part of the NADF Grand Prix.

Interested in playing?  Join the Liberty Cup community on Discord for a running dialogues on this tournament, other face-to-face and online opportunities, strategy, etc.!  Feel free to contact the TD with questions or for instructions on joining our Discord server.

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