Liberty Cup Scoring and Schedule


Philadelphia Liberty Cup will consist of three rounds of Diplomacy.

All rounds will use a central clock with drop dead orders.

Round 1:  Friday
Registration Opens at 5:00 PM, Board Call at 6:00 PM

Round 2:  Saturday
Registration Opens at 9:00 AM, Board Call at 10:00 AM

Round 3:   Sunday
Registration Opens at 8:00 AM, Board Call at 9:00 AM

*Boards will time draw at any arbitrary point between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM, to be determined by the TD.

Scoring System:   Carnage (link)  Carnage is a simple lead-based scoring system, with a center-based tiebreaker, and solo victories are worth a prohibitively large amount of points:

Each game is worth 28,034 points. If you solo, you get them all. If the game ends in a draw, then the players are ranked by center count, through order of elimination, as necessary. If you top the board, you get 7,000. Second highest center count gets 6,000. Down to 1,000 for the lowest center count or the first person eliminated.

In addition, each player gets 1 point per supply center at the end of the game. These points essentially act as a tiebreaker. So, if you top with 10 centers, that’s worth 7,010. Finally, if two players share a rank, they split the points for those two positions. If two guys top the board with 10 centers each, they each score 6,510.”

This tournament scoring system has a WTA mechanic, and is noteworthy for caring about rank order. Again, for example, the scoring would look something like:
England: 8; 6508
Russia: 8; 6508
France: 7; 5007
Turkey: 6; 4006
Italy: 4; 3004
Austria: 1; 2001
Germany: 0; 1000


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