Scoring & Schedule


Philadelphia Liberty Cup will consist of three rounds of Diplomacy.

All rounds will use a central clock with drop dead orders.

Round 1:  Friday, August 2nd
Registration Opens at 5:00 PM, Board Call at 6:00 PM

Round 2:  Saturday, August 3rd
Registration Opens at 9:00 AM, Board Call at 10:00 AM

Round 3:   Sunday, August 4th
Registration Opens at 8:00 AM, Board Call at 9:00 AM

*Boards will time draw at any arbitrary point between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM, to be determined by the TD.

Scoring System:   Carnage (link)  Carnage is a simple lead-based scoring system, with a center-based tiebreaker, and solo victories are worth a prohibitively large amount of points.




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