The 2022 Liberty Cup will also play host to the inaugural 18Philadelphia event!

Introducing 18Philadelphia – a weekend gathering for board gamers looking to play 18xx, Winsome, Railways of the World, and other similar styles of “train games.”

Location: Hilton Doubletree – Center City Philadelphia

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Friday, October 6th
5:00 PM – doors open

Saturday, October 7th
9:00 AM – doors re-open

Sunday, October 8th
8:00 AM – doors re-open
5:00 PM – event concludes

What is 18xx?

18xx is the collective term used to describe a set of railroad-themed stock market and tile laying games.

Who is welcome?

While I’m sure some participants will be very experienced, anyone interested in learning about 18xx and “train games” is welcome – beginners included!

How do I register?

Register here!

How much will it cost? 

Registration fees are $45 for the weekend, $20 for one-day. To pay via Venmo or Paypal:   Send money (as a gift) to @william-hackenbracht or william.hackenbracht@gmail.com

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What is provided? 

A safe, secure, and friendly place to meet fellow board gamers and store your games.

Hotel hospitality includes complimentary chilled water and easily accessible restrooms.  

The event hosts will organize delivery cheesesteaks on Friday evening and a group dinner on Saturday evening.

Liberty Cup 2023

Participants should be aware that 18Philadelphia will share a venue with a concurrent Diplomacy board game tournament (Liberty Cup 2023).  For those with concerns about “the game that destroys friendships,” this is a bit of an exaggeration … plus, tournament Diplomacy is played under a strictly enforced code of conduct that ensures a safe and pleasant environment for all participants.