Terradipping (Terraforming Mars)

As teased earlier, here is the structure for the Terradipping tournament:

1) Preliminary games can begin anytime after 3pm Friday afternoon.
2) All prelim games will be four-player, using the Corporation rules from the base game and using the original map (unless all four players agree to one of the expansion maps).
3) Preludes expansion shall be used – but not the other expansions (Venus Next, Colonies and the coming Turmoil).
4) If all four players agree, promo cards and promo corporations may be added to the mix – but NOT any cards or corporations from the unused expansions.
5) Each player receives a percentage score in addition to coming in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. The percentage score is equal to the percentage that player achieved of the total victory points scored by all players.
6) The championship board* will take place at 3:30 pm (or thereabouts) on Saturday afternoon, with the top four players participating. A player’s top two finishes are used for purposes of qualifying for the championship board.


3:00 PM – Doors open for open gaming and Terraforming Mars

3:30 PM – First qualifying games start


9:00 AM – Doors open for open gaming and Terraforming Mars

9:30 AM – Additional qualifying games start

1:00 PM – Semi-Final games (if necessary)

3:30 PM – Final Game


9:00 AM – Doors open for open gaming

*At 10:00 AM the Tournament Director will determine whether a semi-final is necessary to fairly determine a champion and will then announce the remaining tournament structure.  If so, semi-finals take place at 1:00 PM on Saturday afternoon.  Regardless, for seeding purposes, players with two 1st place finishes get first preference. If more than four players have two 1st places, the tie is broken by higher total percentage score for the two games. If less than four players have two 1st places, the remaining seats are filled with players with a win and a 2nd place (ties broken by percentage scores), and if seats still need to be filled then players with a win and 3rd place qualify (ties broken same way.)