World Virtual Classic

Please check back here for more information about the 1st Annual “World Virtual Classic” … but in the meantime, sign up for more information here.

The virtual World Virtual Classic will be a live Diplomacy tournament held from December 18-20, 2020, with game play on and player interactions conducted on Discord.  The organizer, Bill Hackenbracht, will share Tournament Director responsibilities with hobby notables Chris Brand, Peter McNamara, Markus Ziljstra, and Garry Sturley.  This international cast of characters, who have each volunteered to TD a round friendly to their respective time zones, will facilitate maximum world participation.  Also, by sharing TD responsibilities, each of them will be able to participate in the event itself.  (The legendary David Hood has volunteered to serve as a back-up TD, in the event any of them have to drop out.)

The tournament will be held over 5 rounds on Friday and Saturday, with the Classic Championship determined by a Top Board on Sunday, December 20.  Players are welcome to participate in up to 4 rounds, but only their top three scores will count (we’ll be using a custom scoring system, designed specifically for this event).

We will be charging a $12 entry fee, We will be soliciting donations from players, monies from which will fund awards (and shipping).  The remaining funds will be used for the following purposes:
1) to offset any COVID-19 related financial losses sustained by a Diplomacy tournament organizer (i.e. lost deposit money, etc.).*
2) to support organizations that provide prenatal support to economically disadvantaged birth parents. Liberty Cup players raised over $1500 for the Amistad Law Project. The potential within our Diplomacy community to make real differences is truly amazing.

*The Doubletree in Philadelphia has allowed Liberty Cup to reschedule the 2020 event at no cost to the organizers, so we are fortunate not to fall in this catagory.